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OGS Regions

A Region of the Ontario Genealogical Society is an administrative grouping of a number of Branches of the Society based, usually, on the geographic location of the Branches (see Branches webpage for the Region of each Branch). Regions provide a communication avenue between the Branches and the Board of Directors of the Society. Currently there are ten Regions in Ontario.

OGS members who live within a particular Region and/or members of the OGS Branches within the Region are eligible to vote for two people to represent them as a Regional Director and Regional Secretary. They serve for two-year terms. Elections are held in odd years for odd-numbered Regions and in even years for even-numbered Regions. The Regional Director sits on the OGS Board of Directors and represents all OGS members from that Region. The Regional Secretary assists the Regional Director in any required administrative duties and attends the OGS Board of Directors meeting in the absence of the Director.

Regional meetings are held, at least once a year, to provide an official forum for the members of the Region to discuss issues of importance within their Region. The Regional Director also attends Branch meetings throughout the year so that members may have the opportunity to discuss issues of interest with their Board representative.

The annual OGS Conference is sometimes hosted by a Region when, individually, no one Branch within the Region is able to handle the work. This lightens the load for the individual Branch but ensures that this important event occurs each year.

Often, a Regional Director will liaise with non-OGS genealogical groups in their area to further the pursuit of family history information and assist in making information available to all who are in search of it.

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