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Agreement with
National Institute for
Genealogical Studies

In May 2011, the Ontario Genealogical Society signed an agreement with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Here is some information about the terrific benefits to your genealogical research available to all OGS members in our agreement with The Institute for Genealogical Studies.

All members of OGS will be entitled to participate in the agreement between OGS and The Institute for Genealogical Studies. This agreement provides:

  1. Free registration (not including course materials) to a selection of courses offered by The Institute for all OGS members when they renew their membership or new members when they join.
  2. Opportunity to participate in OGS activities to earn discounted prices (not including course materials) on selected courses or whole programs offered by The Institute.
  3. At no cost to you, you will have the opportunity to access meetings and special events hosted by OGS or your branch via Live Meeting software on your computer if you cannot attend the meeting in person (access is dependent upon computer and internet access speed, please contact us if you have questions about this).

OGS Branches will be entitled to:

  1. The use of Microsoft Office Live Meeting software courtesy of The Institute to host your business meetings, branch general meetings or other events on the Internet for people to see on their own computers when they can’t attend a meeting in person.
  2. Access to speakers provided by The Institute to make presentations on topics of mutual interest at your branch meetings via Live Meeting.
  3. Ability to offer discounted pricing (not including course materials) on selected courses offered by The Institute for promotion of the Branch or event. The Branch would earn a portion of the discount as a benefit.
  4. Availability of articles by The Institute for the Branch’s newsletter.
  5. Announcement of Branch meetings, events posted on The Institute’s website

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