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OGS has substantial indexes to Ontario resources, spread over a number of indexes. The lists below gather all of the indexes in one place. Click on the title to go to that index.

If you encounter difficulties, please e-mail provoffice@ogs.on.ca with "TONI Problem" at the start of your subject line.


TONI - The Ontario Name Index
TONI shows where information on a particular name may be found.  It contains:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Record type (birth, marriage, death, obit, tombstone, newspaper article, etc)
  • Date of event, at least to the decade
  • Location of event, at least the county
  • Where the full information may be found.

Note that last field does not provide the information, just where the information can be found.  If the information is available through e-Store or Pay per View, there will be a link taking you to where you can buy or borrow. For other material you will be shown how to  access the information.

Ontario Cemetery Ancestor Index
This index includes names taken from transcriptions of the monumental inscriptions, cemetery records, and other sources that have been identified by various groups.

Although most cemeteries in Ontario have been transcribed, not all cemetery indexes are included in this database at this time. New indexes will be added as they become available. Please check the County Table for a current list of Ontario Counties included in the Cemetery Ancestor Index.

There are over a million names in this index and will have about ten million when completed. This information will gradually be migrated over to TONI.

OGS Provincial Index - OGSPI

This remarkable index is OGS's largest. It contains data from censuses, birth, marriage and death registers, references in books, land records, ship lists, military records and a host of other references. Each entry points to the original source, which you can then look up for the complete reference. Currently there are over 2.8 million names - and it keeps on growing.

OGSPI is more than an index.  It often contains complete information. Because of its size and complexity, it is not easy to navigate. 


Library Catalogue
Lists and describes the 10 000 volumes in the OGS library in the North York Central Library. Some of them (Family Histories) can be borrowed online through our e-Library and have a button in the catalogue entry to help you do that.


Ontario Cemetery Locator
The locator is a directory of cemeteries in Ontario. Volunteers have endeavored to identify all existing, non-existent and abandoned cemeteries.  We have the most complete list of Ontario cemeteries – over 6 500 of them – including the various names they are or have been known by, and their location.

Where available, transcriptions may be viewed at the OGS Library.
Use the Cemetery Catalogue to limit your search to transcriptions held at the library.

Transcriptions may also be purchased from the local branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Many are available through the e-Store.

PPV General Index

Some non-book, non-name specific items are available through our Pay-Per-View site. They are listed in this index.

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