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OGS Provincial Index - OGSPI - This index, on the OGS website, contains data from censuses, birth, marriage and death registers, references in books, land records, ship lists, military records and a host of other references. Each entry points to the original source, which you can then look up for the complete reference. Currently there are over 2.8 million names - and it keeps on growing.

Powley (UEL) -- OGS member Fred Prong has put information on this family (which has early roots in Frontenac County) on RootsWeb in a database maintained by Brant Gibbard of Toronto. To access this database, you need to query a specific name. Brant's Home page also has many Frontenac families.

Lattimer -- This is another family with early roots in Frontenac County. Go to Fred's Home page for information on the following surnames: Anderson, Baker, Bly, Bond, Boswell, Cadman, Campbell, Caverly, Clark, Claxton, Clinesmith, Cooley, Cryderman, Danks, Darling, Freeman, Frost, Gibbard, Gray, Hamilton, Hancock, Hogeboom, Hughes, Hughson, Hurley, Ingersoll, Johnson, Latimer, Lattemore, Lattimer, Lattimore, McCormick, Meeker, Morfitt, Nacy, Noakes, Ralston, Richards, Ritchie, Rogers, Shurtliff, Spooner, Teepell, Tinck, Tolls, Wilson, and Wood.

The Frontenac County relations of Terrence J. Boyle -- Namely, the Boyles and Shortalls of Pittsburg Twp., the McAuleys and Keeleys of Loughborough Twp., the Dalys, Swifts, McGarveys and Waggoners of Kingston Twp., and the McGraths, Kennedys and Murphys of Storrington Twp. and their many descendants. Click