Newsletter ( London Leaf ) Index

The London Leaf has been published since 1974, and has focused on printing hard-to-obtain genealogy-related data. Surnames covered are not included in this Index.

However, there is a master surname index which can be accessed by contacting our Branch Queries Co-ordinator at info.lmcogs.

London and Middlesex County Branch members may obtain searches and digital copies of relevant newsletter articles at no charge. There is a charge if you do not have a current Branch membership.

Tip for Searching PDF files: Once you've opened the PDF file, press the F key while holding down the CTRL key.

This opens the "FIND" box (in one of the corners of your screen) in which you will enter a name or location. By continually pressing the Enter key, the next instances of the name will appear. Alternately, you can use the up and down arrows to find next or previous instances.

 Index, 1974 - 2013


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