1) The NIAGARA PENINSULA BRANCH will perform searches of materials published by the Niagara Branch and Indexes done by the Branch at a rate of $20.00 per hour paid in advance in the form of a money order or by credit card below with PayPal. Outside of Canada please pay in US funds.  No research will be performed until payment has been received. If you would like a quote for research time - please email the branch directly.

2) Name queries can be submitted for $5.00 each. It will be posted on our website for a period of one year. It will also appear in our quarterly newsletter, Notes from Niagara, which is received by over 380 members world wide. Your query will also be read out at the next general meetings after it is received. (Niagara Branch members are allowed two free queries per year.)

3) Effective June 7, 2010 searches of the Surname Index/Family Charts are available for $5.00 per name searched, which includes a one page copy of the Family Chart (some Family Charts have multiple pages) each additional page is $1.00. Our Surname Index/Family Charts is a collection of over 24,000 surnames which have been extracted from a variety of different types of family charts collected by the branch over the years.  Outside of Canada please pay in US funds.  All orders outside continental North America please add an additional $5.00 to cover additional postage.  If you would prefer to receive an electronic copy of the family chart please send us your e-mail address and we would be happy to forward it to you, which would eliminate the postage charges.

4) OCFA requests are available at $5.00 for each stone transcribed. Outside of Canada please pay in US funds. Outside of continental North America please add $5.00 to cover additional postage. (Members receive one free stone transcribed per year.)


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