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Index Reels for Births, Marriages or Deaths

How to Purchase Microfilm Reels
  • Download and print the Order Form (pdf)
  • Order ONLY by Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference (e.g. MS 931, Reel 1)
  • For more than one Reel - specify EACH reel by separate References or by Range (e.g. MS931, Reel 1 to MS931, Reel 15)
  • Enter ALL Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference and Description of Reel Contents on the Order Form
  • Select Shipping method
  • Read and follow all Terms & Conditions
  • Mail to Ontario Genealogical Society with payment.

INDEX (Vital Statistics) Microfilm Reels
Available for Sale
through the
Ontario Genealogical Society

TIP: For optimum research results, we recommend purchasing entire Index set!

Index Reels for Births 1869-1909, Marriages 1869-1924 and Deaths 1869-1934 are 16mm and are $32.00 each plus taxes & shipping.

Index Reels for 1910, 1911 and 1912 Births, 1925, 1926and 1927 Marriages and 1935, 1936 and 1937 Deaths are 35mm and are $40.00 each plus taxes & shipping.

Index reels for 1913 Births, 1928 Marriages and 1938 Deaths are 16 mm and are $32.00 each plus taxes & shipping.

Original Index Books are 35 mm reels and are $40.00 each plus taxes and shipping.

Note: See the Archives of Ontario's Vital Statistics web page for complete information on years, description of contents and microfilm reference number.

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