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Evidence for Delayed Registration of Births

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Evidence for Delayed Registration of Births
1861-1897 - RG 80-19

This series consists of declarations that act as evidence of an event having occurred in order to make a delayed registration of birth . These declarations were made in error, that is, the birth that is declared on the form was in fact registered but probably not located by the Registrar General until after the declaration had been made. All the declarations have been appended with the words “Duplicate” or “Cancelled” .

The declarations have been numbered consecutively (handwritten, at the bottom of the document), and are arranged by year according to the date of birth. Within years, the declarations are in no particular order.

Many of the registrations in this series have also been appended with the year, volume and page number where the registration can actually be located in Series RG 80-2 (Registrations of Births and Stillbirths). The correct registrations, rather than those in this series, are also indexed in Series RG 80-4 (Indexes to Births and Stillbirths). See also Series RG 80-12 (Original Index Books to Birth and Stillbirth Registrations).

Year of
Declaration Numbers Archives of Ontario
Microfilm Reference
Genealogical Society of Utah Microfilm Reference
1861-1880 Declarations 1-54 MS 946, Reel 1 1832347
1881-1887 Declarations 55 -112 MS 946, Reel 1 1832347
1888-1897 Declarations 113-168 MS 946, Reel 1 1832347

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