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Places of Worship: Etobicoke and Toronto West End (former Methodist and Presbyterian) United Churches


Places of Worship/Toronto Branch

Fonds 1778 Century Meth., Fonds 2712 Thistletown U., Fonds 1789 Kingsway-Lambton United, Fonds 1711 Humbercrest U., Fonds 2843 Westminster U. Baptisms 1911-1925 1,150 records, Marriages 1898-1925, Burials 1911-1925. Fonds 3431 Egerton Ryerson Young Jr. 149 records, Fonds 3492 C. S. Applegath 14 records, Fonds 3346 S.L.W. Harton 41 records. This publication includes a listing of burials in Hainstocks or Sharon cemetery. 1,398 records. 139 pages

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