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CD of Cemeteries in Wilmot Twp


Cemetery Names: Baird Family, Becker Family Plot, Berlett's Corners, Bethel United, Carmel of St. Joseph, Sheard Family, Abandoned Baptist Mission, Emmanual Lutheran, Fairmount, Holy Roman Catholic, Latchaw Mennonite, New Dundee Union, New Hamburg, Old Christner, Reformed Mennonite, Nith Valley Mennonite, Old Baden Burying Ground, Pinehill, Riverside, Rosebank, Shantz Mennonite, St. Agatha Mennonite, St. Agatha Roman Catholic, St. James Anglican, St. James Lutheran, Stauffer Abandoned, Steinman Mennonite, Wilhelm, Wilmot-Wellesley Amish Mennonite, Wilmot Centre, Wilmot Geiger Mennonite, Zion Evanglical Lutheran & Zion Evangelical Lutheran Philipsburg

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