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"JET" 1901 Census


JETTE 1901 census 092a1 family 002  @ca.on.nipissing_district.creighton_township page 1 film T6483 lds1843565
10 BEAUDRY Peter m 31 married head
    son of BEAUDRY Pierre and wife QUEVILLON Louise (married 1854)
    BEAUDRY Pierre 9 with parents Alfred Township 1881 census district 103g2 family 0063
11 BEAUDRY {LEBLANC} Matille f 32 married wife
   linked as maiden name  LEBLANC Matille
    dtr of LEBLANC François and wife JETTE Hermine
    BEAUDRY Pierre and LEBLANC Mathilde married 1893 @ca.qc.ottawa_county.moncerf.sainte_philomene_rc
12 BEAUDRY Roselle f 7 single dtr
13 BEAUDRY Ferdinia f 5 single dtr
14 BEAUDRY Frank m 4 single son
15 BEAUDRY Evone f 2 single dtr
16 BEAUDRY Fred m <1 single son
    source: isbn-1-55116-470-1 1901 Census Nipissing - Gertrude Mine and Creighton

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