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"JE" 1840-1849 Marriage


JEAN m@ca.qc.kamouraska.saint_denis_rc 1849
LEBEL François son of LEBEL François and DIONNE Charlotte
to HUDON Mathilde dtr of HUDON Joseph and JEAN Marguerite
source: Repertoire des Mariages Comte de Kamouraska 1685-1990 v1 p246

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JEAN m@ca.qc.saguenay.grand_baie.saint_alexis_rc 1844-08-15
SASSEVILLE Barthélemi widower of JEAN Elizabeth
to TREMBLAY Josephte dtr of TREMBLAY Jérome and IMBEAU Vénérande
son SASSEVILLE Jérome m1 1871 to GRAVEL Amélie aka Emilie
son SASSEVILLE Jérome widower m2 1876 to THIBOUTOT Calixte
dtr SASSEVILLE Dina aka Arthemise m1 1874 to SAINT_HILAIRE Odilon
dtr SASSEVILLE Arthemise widow of Odilon m2 1888 to BELANGER Joseph
dtr SASSEVILLE Georgina married 1876 to GRENON Jean
source Repertoire des Mariages Saguenay Lac-Saint_Jean 1842-1971
SASSEVILLE surname research 2007 by John Allan of OGS Sudbury Branch

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JEFFREY m@ca.on.johnstown_district 1848
OLMSTEAD Nathaniel
Nathaniel m1 1848 @ca.on.johnstown_district to FOSTER Almira
son OLMSTEAD Noah Foster married 1872 to JEFFREY Margaret
Nathanial widower m2 1881 @ca.on.renfrew_county.horton to BLAIR Matilda Jane
OLMSTEAD surname contact Paula WITTSTRUCK 1305 W Glass Av Spokane WA 99205-2746
1-509-325-8378 e-mail

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JESSUP m@ca.on.ontario_county 1849
HAMBLY William of Reach Township farmer
to CRAIG Mary Ann of Whitby
witnesses: WARREN James and JESSUP John
source: lds1030052 Home District 1848-1857 v12 p58

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