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WILSON e@ca.on.york_county.toronto.toronto_daily_star 1942-05-29 published
   category e is education election employment athletics
Horses Return To Borden
Old Riders Rally Around
Seek Jobs as Drivers and Riding Supervisors at Camp
Will Haul Supplies
DUCKWORTH these days. Horses are coming back to the Canadian army and when Camp Borden gets its allotment of about 100, there are going to be some jobs for men who can ride. The 100 will be used almost entirely for transport purposes -- to haul camp supplies and do some of the trucking work -- but there'll be two or three saddle horses for mounted supervisors. Its the prospect of getting to be mounted supervisors that has old cavalrymen on their ears.
Major DUCKWORTH, camp supply and transport officer, says: "We have a good many veterans of the last war who are quite capable of handling our driving, and there will be a course in driving for N.C.O.'s. Capt. WILSON and I will conduct the course." Plans are also underway for the construction of stables, but Major DUCKWORTH labels as false the rumor that some of the garages will be made over. The automobile having once supplanted the horse in the army, is here to stay -- except in the affection of the old army cavalrymen.
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