The Dec 2006 upload added:
Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia 1871 census district lists
Sebastopol Township 1881 census
Ellice Township 1881 census
Bigelow Wells Blake McGill 1881 census

The Nov 2006 upload added:
Clarification of census numbers by adding the word district in front
New front end A-Z surname search engine with page files organized similar to a modern telephone book.
Logan Township 1871 census
Ellice Township 1871 census
525 families in Scarborough Township 1891 census
More Hamilton City 1891 census from OGS Hamilton Branch
Explanation of how obituaries work in OGSPI

The Oct 2006 upload added:
Saint André Avelin 1891 census with maiden names

Summer 2006 OGSPI activites were focused on upgrading programs to work with long filenames and Windows XP - no major uploads.

The June 2006 upload added:
Wellesley Township 1891 census with maiden names

The May 2006 upload added:
Arnprior 1881 census
Bonnechere 1881 census
MacAulay Township 1891 census
Madawaska East 1881 census
Madawaska West 1881 census
Petawawa lumber camps 1881 census

The April 2006 upload added:
Saint Vincent Township 1851 census
Grattan Township 1871 census
Admaston Township 1871 census
Brantford City 1891 census division 1
Easthope North Township 1871 census
Wallace Township complete for census years of 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Listowel complete for census years of 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Palmerston 1891 census

The March 2006 upload added:
Mornington Township complete for census years of 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Markham Township 1901 census
Elma Township 1901 census
Oakley Township 1891 census
Elma Township 1871 census
Brantford City 1891 census division 11 and division 12
Hope Township 1891 census revised with many maiden names
Paroise des Cedres 1871 census
Prince Edward Island 1881 census districts 001-003 detailed film lists
Nova Scotia 1881 census districts 004-022 detailed film lists
New Brunswick 1881 census districts 023-037 detailed film lists
Quebec 1881 census districts 038-098 detailed film lists
counter showed 13,940 hits during March 2006

The February 2006 upload added:
Flamborough East Township 1891 census revised from Flamborough Archives
Sainte Anne des Monts 1871 census & 1881 census
Finch Township 1871 census division 1
Ancaster Township 1871 census division 3 & division 4
Caistor Township 1891 census from OGS Hamilton Branch
Saltfleet Township 1891 census division 1 from OGS Hamilton Branch
counter showed 12,150 hits during February 2006

The January 2006 upload added:
2006 Obituaries category
Waterdown Village 1891 census from Flamborough Archives
Hamilton City 1891 census ward 1 394 families from OGS Hamilton Branch
Ancaster Township 1871 census division 1 & division 2
Binbrook Township 1891 census from OGS Hamilton Branch
Clarke Township 1891 census division 3 (revised)
Saltfleet Township 1891 census division 2 from OGS Hamilton Branch
Winchester Township 1861 census
counter showed 12,800 hits during January 2006

The December 2005 upload added:
Cayuga North Township 1891 census
Cayuga Village 1881 census
Algona South Township 1881 census
Algona South Township 1891 census
Saint Hermas 1871 census & 1881 census
Alice & Fraser Townships 1881 census
Barrie Township 1891 census

The November 2005 upload added :
Horton Township 1881 census
Cotton Township 1911 census
Fraleck Township 1911 census
Grigg Township 1911 census
Halntschel Township 1911 census
Mcleod Township 1911 census
Temagamie_Forest_Reserve 1911 census
Stafford Township 1911 census with families cross referenced back to 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901
Flamborough East Township division 2 1891 census
Conger Cowper Foley Townships 1891 census
Head Maria Clara Townships 1891 census
287 families in Scarborough Township 1891 census

The October 2005 upload added:
Bidwell Township 1911 census
426 more families in Toronto 1891 census
Bethune & Perry & Proudfoot Townships 1891 census
Manitoulin Townships identified in the 1911 census
Carden Township 1901 census
Allan Township 1911 census
Lount Township 1911 census
Ferrie Township 1911 census
Sandfield Township 1891 census revised
Sandfield Township 1901 census revised
Sandfield Township 1911 census
Baxter & Freeman & Gibson Townships 1891 census

The September 2005 upload added:
Hope Township 1891 census
Lumsden Township 1911 census
Bowell Township 1911 census
Matchedash Township 1911 census test data
Matchedash Township 1901 census
Matchedash Township 1891 census
Blair Brown Burton Shawanaga Harrison Walbridge Mowat French_River Townships 1891 census
Saint Lazaire 1881 census with maiden names
Cayuga Village 1891 census
Cayuga South Township 1891 census

The August 2005 upload added:
Rayside Township 1911 census
Algoma/Sudbury/Nipissing Districts boundary clarification
1911 census district links for all of Canada in the initial menus A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P Q R S T V W Y

The July 2005 upload added:
1911 census section with links for all of Canada
York Township 1851 census pages 1-113 odd
hit counter starting at zero July 18th
Haldimand Township division 1 1891 census
Haldimand Township division 2 1891 census
Burleigh Anstruther Chandos Townships 1891 census
Douro Township 1891 census
Clarke Township division 3 1891 census
Dundas Town division 1 1891 census
1901 census Ontario film list
Etobicoke Township 1871 census
Alnwick Township division 2 1891 census

The June 2005 upload added:
Grimsby North Township 1891 census
Grimsby South Township 1891 census
Grimsby Village 1891 census
Beverly Township division 1 1891 census
Toronto Gore Township 1851 census
York Township wards 4,5,6 1861 census
Wilberforce Township 1851 census
Coteau Landing 1871 census
Brougham Township 1851 census
Glanford Township division 2 1891 census

The May 2005 upload added:
Grattan Township 1851 census
Glanford Township division 1 1891 census
Pembroke Township 1851 census
Stafford Township 1851 census
Clarke Township division 2 1891 census
Flamborough East Township division 1 1891 census
Ross Township 1851 census with maiden names
Beverly Township division 3 1891 census
McNab Township 1851 census
Westmeath Township 1851 census
York Township ward 3 1861 census
links to indexing activities at Flamborough Archives

The April 2005 upload added:
Hamilton City 1891 census ready for typing
Wentworth County 1891 census ready for typing

Admaston Township 1851 census
Bagot Township 1851 census
Blythfield Township 1851 census
Bromley Township 1851 census
Clarke Township 1851 census
revised Glamorgan Township 1891 census
Grattan Township 1861 census
Horton Township 1851 census
Millbrook Village 1881 census
Newcastle Village 1881 census
Petawawa Buchanan McKay Townships 1861 census
Beverly Township division 2 1891 census
456 more families in Toronto 1891 census

The March 2005 upload added:
Brudenell Lyndoch Radcliffe Raglan_Townships 1861 census
McNab Township 1861 census
Oso Township 1891 census
Rolph & Wylie Townships 1861 census
Renfrew Village 1861 census
Uxbridge Township 1851 census
York Township wards 1,2 1861 census

The February 2005 upload added:
Beaverton Village 1891 census
Mara Township 1891 census
Newcastle Village 1871 census
Oakland Township 1891 census 
Rama & Mara Townships 1851 census
Ross Township 1861 census
Scott Township 1891 census 
Sebastopol & Griffith Townships 1861 census
113 families in Toronto Saint Andrew's Ward 1891 census
Westmeath Township 1861 census
Whitby West Township 1891 census
Wilberforce Township 1861 census

OGS Durham Region Branch

The January 2005 upload added:
Enhanced Mc.. Mac.. surname logic to group sound alike surnames like McALDER/McCALDER McAULIFFE/McCAULIFFE McFAIL/McPHAIL McFEE/McPHEE
plus Alnwick Township 1891 census Anson & Hindon Townships 1891 census Bexley Township 1891 census Bromley Township 1861 census Cardiff Township 1891 census more Clarke Township 1861-71-81-91 census Glamorgan Township 1891 census Horton Township 1861 census Newcastle Village 1861 census 105 more pages of Peterborough Town 1891 census
plus many more 2004 Queries and Obituaries

The December 2004 upload added: Admaston Township 1861 census and Algona Township 1861 census and Alice Township 1861 census with maiden names and Arnprior Village 1861 census and Arnprior Village 1891 census pages 1-45 of 135 and Bagot & Brougham Townships 1861 census and Blythfield Township 1861 census

The November 2004 upload added: Algoma District 1861 census from OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
plus Kennebec Township 1861 census and Pembroke Township 1861 census and Pembroke Village 1861 census
plus Renfrew County 1861 agricultural census for Townships of: Pembroke Westmeath Ross Horton McNab Admaston Bromley Wilberforce Grattan Alice Stafford Rolph & Wiley Bagot & Brougham Blythfield Sebastopol & Griffith Brudenell & Lyndock & Raglan & Radcliffe Algona
plus Whitby Township 1851 census pages 1-141 and Clarke Township 1861 census pages 1-46 and Mara Township 1871 census division 1 from OGS Durham Region Branch
plus Bobcaygeon Village 1891 census revised with many maiden names from OGS Kawartha Branch

The October 2004 upload added Brock Township 1851 census Stafford Township 1861 census Renfrew Village 1871 census and Maniwaki 1891 census

The September 2004 upload added Uxbridge Township/Village/Town 81-91 census geographic links for files from OGS Durham Region Branch

July-August 2004 uploads were mainly cross references across census years.

The June 2004 upload added 44,720 names from OGS Simcoe County Branch
373 Adjala Township 1861 census
374 Barrie Town 1861 census
375 Bradford Village 1861 census
376 Collingwood Town 1861 census
377 Essa Township 1861 census
378 Floss Township 1861 census
379 Gwillimbury West Township 1861 census
380 Innisfil Township 1861 census
381 Medonte Township 1861 census
382 Mono Township 1861 census
383 Morrison Township & Muskoka Township ( later Muskoka Distict ) 1861 census
384 Mulmur Township 1861 census
385 Nottawasaga Township 1861 census
386 Orillia & Matchedash Township 1861 census
387 Oro Township 1861 census
388 Sunnidale Township 1861 census
389 Tay Township & Tiny Township 1861 census
390 Tecumseth Township 1861 census
391 Tosorontio Township 1861 census
393 Vespra Township 1861 census

The April 2004 upload added:
Olden Township 1891 census
Pembroke Town 1891 census
179 families from Clarke Township 1871 census
Montebello & Hartwell/Cheneville in the former Ottawa County
Bobcaygeon War Memorial from OGS Kawartha Branch

The March 2004 upload added:
Bible Christians 1851 census
Cavendish Township 1891 census
244 families from Fenelon Falls Village 1891 census
314 families from Plantagenet North Township 1881 census
Head Clara & Maria Townships 1881 census
221 families from Peterborough Town 1891 census
192 families from Garafraxa East Township 1871 census
Buckingham Village 1871 census
Ange Gardien 1871 census

The February 2004 upload added:
Birth and Baptism Menu Obituaries Menu War & Military Menu Queries Menu 1992-2004
Stafford Township 1891 census
expanded census menus for 1851 1861  1871 1881 1891 

The January 2004 upload added:
1881 Census Ontario Film List
Cannington Village 1891 census
McDougall Township & Parry Island & Parry Sound Village 1891 census
Monteith Township & Spence Township & Christie Township 1891 census
Pembroke Township 1871 census
Pembroke Township 1881 census
Uxbridge Town 1891 census Uxbridge Township 1891 census

The December 2003 upload added Mariposa Township 1891 census Murray Township 1891 census Smith Township 1891 census from OGS Kawartha Branch also Pembroke Village 1871 census and Stafford Village 1871 census

The November 2003 upload added Huntsville 1891 census & Sudbury 2003 municipal election results from OGS Sudbury Branch

The November 2003 upload split the 1881 and 1891 census sections into separate subdirectories AB CD EH IL MX NQ RS TZ to make room for more people and files.
We had to do this because the upload program WS_FTP stumbles with a "Retrieve of Folder Listing Failed" error if there are more than 512 files in a subdirectory.
Any links to directories and are now obsolete. Please report any bad links to John Allan

The October 2003 upload added the April 1912 Titanic crew & passenger lists A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
plus 521 names from the October 2003 Ontario Election A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z

The September 2003 upload added surname indexes A B U V W Y Z for pre1975 Muskoka District & Parry Sound District burials

The August 2003 upload added: Parry Sound Village Parry Harbour Parry Island 262 families 1881 census

The July 2003 upload added: Saint André Avelin 1871 census & Gurd & Pringle & Patterson Townships 1891 census & McKellar & Hagerman Townships 1891 census

The June 2003 upload added: Uxbridge Township 1871 census & Reach Township 592 families 1871 census & Scugog Township 1891 census & Whitchurch Township 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch

The May 2003 upload added 1906 census section
plus WW1 & WW2 cenotaphs at Mariposa, Vespra, Innisfil Townships & Barrie
plus 1906-1920 newspaper indexing by Temiskaming Genealogy Group

The April 2003 upload added:
Huntsville Forester births mariages obituaries 1908 1918 1931 1934 1935 1983 1985 1987 1989 1990
Joly Township & Strong Township & Sundridge Village 1891 census

The March 2003 upload added:
Pickering Township 1420 families 1871 census and Uxbridge Township 254 families 1881 census and Brock Township 271 families 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch
Laurier Township & Machar Township & Lount Township 1891 census

The February 2003 upload added: 2003 Queries 
8000 more Elma Township names from OGS Perth County Branch &
Pickering Township 1881 census from OGS Durham Region Branch

The January 2003 upload added:
Cartwright Township & Bracebridge Village & Pickering Township 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch
also Hastings Village & Fenelon Township 1891 census from OGS Kawartha Branch

The December 2002 upload added Brock Township , Reach Township & Port Perry Village 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch
plus 21,680 names from Huntingdon & Beauharnois Counties

The November 2002 upload added Hastings County1851 census districts: 120 Belleville Town 122 Hungerford Township 123 Huntingdon Township 128 Sidney Township 130 Tyendenaga Township
plus 13000 names from Soulanges & Vaudreuil Counties in the S.W. corner of Quebec adjoining Ontario

The October 2002 upload added: Census 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 A-Z links on the Welcome Home screen Laprairie County 1861 census 

The September 2002 upload added: Morrison Township 1871 census
Whitby East Township 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch
We also welcome OGS Nipissing Branch as a full participant in the OGSPI project with 35,847 names from the 1901 census of Sudbury-Nipissing-Temiskaming: Aird Island  Airey Township  Algoma Central Railroad  Algoma Mills  Appleby Township  Badgerow Township  Balfour Township  Ballantyne Township  Bastedo Township  Beaucage Indian Reserve  Berths  Biscotasing  Blezzard Township  Bonfield Township  Boulter & Biggar Townships  Brethour Township  Broder Township  Bucke Township  Burwash Township  Caldwell Township  Calvin Township  Cameron Township  Canisbay  Capreol Township  Carlyle Township  Cartier Township  Cartier Village  Casey Township  Casimir Township  Chisholm Township  Clara Bella Mine  Clara Township  Collins Inlet  Cook's Mills  Copper Cliff  Creelman Township  Creighton Mine  Creighton Township  Crerar Township  Cutler Township  Dana Township  Davis Township  Deacon Township  Dennison Mine  Dennison Township  Deux Rivières Village  Dill Township  Dowling Township  Drury Township  Dryden Township  Duchesnay Siding  Dunnet Township  Dymond Township  Eddy Township  Eureka Lake Siding  Evans Mine  Fairbank Township  Falconbridge Township  Falconer Township  Ferris Township  Field Township  Flying Post  Garson Township  Gertrude Mine  Gibbons Township  Goshen  Gough Township  Graham Township  Grant Township  Guthrie Township  Hagar Township  Hallam Township  Harley Township  Harris Township  Harrow Township  Harty Township  Head Township  Hendrie Township  Hess Township  Hilliard Township  Hudson Township  Hugel Township  Humboldt Township  Hunter Township  Hutton Township  Hyman Township  Ingram Township  Jennings Township  Kelly Township  Kerns Township  Killarney Village  Kirkpatrick Township  Lac Penache Indian Reserve  Lac Penache  Lauder Township  Lewis Township  Long Sault  Lorne Township  Loudon Township Indian Reserve  Lyell Township  MacLennan Township  MacPherson Township  Madawaska Township  Maria Township  Martland Township  Massey Station  Mattawa Town  Mattawan Township  May Township  McCarty Township  McKim Township  McKinnon Township  Merritt Township  Metigama Station  Metogami Township  Montcrief Township  Montreal River  Mt. Nickel Mine  Munroe's Siding  Murchison Township  Nairn Centre  Nairn Township  Naughton Township  Neelon Township  New Liskeard Village  Niven Township  Norman Indian Reserve  Norman Township  North Bay Town  Papineau Township  Parkin Township  Peck Township  Phelps Township  Pogamasing Township  Ramsay Station  Rathbun Township  Ratter Township  Rayside Township  Rutherford Township  Sabine Township  Sagamock Township  Salter Township  Scadding Township  Secord Township  Shakespeare Township  Sheddon Township  Snider Township  Spanish River Middle Branch  Spanish River  Spanish  Spragge Township  Spragge Village  Springer Township  Stobie Mine  Straight Lake Station  Sturgeon Falls Town  Sudbury Town  Temagami Lake  Tenyson Township  Tilton Township  Trill Township  Upper Wahnapetea  Verner Village  Victoria Mine  Victoria Township  Wahnapitae Village  Walford Township  Walford Village  Warren Village  Waters Township  Webbwood Village  Whitefish Indian Reserve  Whitefish Village  Whitney Township  Widdifield Township  Wismer Township  Worthington Village 

The August 2002 upload added:
more 2002 Queries  
Cardwell & Watt 1871 census  Monck 1871 census  Hawkesbury East 1881 census 
Country Roads - the Story of South Easthope from OGS Perth County Branch
bringing us to 1,271,661 names in 335 megabytes

The July 2002 upload added many 2001-2002 births  marriages  obituaries  fron the Manitoulin Expositor

The June 2002 upload added:
Bobcaygeon Village & Somerville Township 1891 census from OGS Kawartha Branch

The May 2002 upload added Kincardine Township
bringing us to 1,222,303 names in 316 megabytes

The April 2002 upload added Manvers Township from OGS Durham Region Branch
The March 2002 upload added Darlington Township Newcastle Oshawa Thorah Township 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch
The February 2002 upload added 2002 Queries   1992 Queries LALANDE / LALONDE
Huntsville Forester 1924-1928   births  marriages  obituaries
Boer War category plus 475 names on 7 war memorials from OGS London-Middlesex Branch
1871 map of Ontario Counties
The January 2002 upload added:
Hit Counter Statistics 
Elzevir Grimsthorpe  Tudor Wollaston Limerick Cashell  Carlow Mayo  Dungannon Faraday 1871 census  from OGS Quinte Branch
The December 2001 upload added:
Bowmanville & Cavan & Port Hope 1891 census from OGS Durham Region Branch
Galway & Harvey & Otonabee & Woodville 1891 census from OGS Kawartha Branch
Manitoulin 1901 census from OGS Sault Sainte Marie Branch
Elmanac: History of Elma Township 1857-1997 from OGS Perth County Branch
Wilmot 1871 census from OGS Waterloo Region Branch

The August 2001 upload added the book Huntsville: With Spirit and Resolve

The 1891 census section includes 17 newly entered townships of Peterborough & Victoria Counties
The 1861 census and 1870's land sections now include Middlesex County
The World War 1 and World War 2 sections have recent additions from Stratford & Perth County
The December 2000 and newer birth announcement and obituary / in memoriam sections now include samples from the Manitoulin Expositor. These come from the newspaper office to OGSPI each week by internet - no microfilm - no scanning - no retyping. We index by surname with a clickable link to the newspaper web site. Thanks to Rick McCutcheon - publisher for enthusiastically supporting this new adventure in indexing.

Previous editions were:
8th ( July 2001 ) 1,086,235 names 267 megabytes
7th ( Jan 2001 ) 1,000,646 names 248 megabytes
6th ( March 2000 ) 184,521 entries 160 megabytes
5th ( May 1999 ) 161,000 entries 125 megabytes
4th ( February 1999 ) 90,661 entries 77 megabytes
3rd ( September 1998 ) 81,114 entries 46 megabytes
2nd ( March 1998 ) 28 megabytes first edition converted to hypertext on web
1st ( December 1997 ) 25 megabytes text distributed to Branches on floppies

The Quinte Branch section is largest with over 500,000 entries.

Major features include marriage links across generations and synchronized census files 1851-1861-1871-1881-1891-1901 for single click hops within a family. An Irish-German example is: Aaron DOPSON married 1890 to Mary Gurta OLDENBURG with links to their families in Pembroke 1871 Mattawa 1881 Algoma 1891 Pettawawa 1881 Pembroke 1901

The queries section of OGSPI includes Name Game entries and responses from the Ontario Genealogy Society publication Families.

Using OGSPI:

The Welcome Home link on many OGSPI screens will bring you back here.

OGSPI is organized by family SURNAME as 26 clickable Initial Menus like you see at the top of this screen. M is subdivided into M and Mc. X entries are included with W. Choose Mc if your family surname starts MAC.. or Mac..

Those of us who use public libraries expect signs at the end of each aisle or row to indicate the call number range. Ogspi Initial Menus work like these familiar signs to choose a row of library shelves. Links within a Initial Menu are like scanning the shelves by title or call number to pick a book. OGSPI Local Folder links work similar to choosing another book or volume within an encyclopoedia set.

Most people expect an index to be organized by SURNAME and Given Name like a data base or telephone book. This works for individuals but not for families so OGSPI takes a different approach. It takes some getting used to.

Genealogy research normally follows the pattern: self, 2 parents, 4 grand parents, 8 great grand parents, 16 great great grandparents, 32 great great great grandparents, etc. This doubling pattern applied to Ontario history means that most research action is in the 1850-1900 time period. It was a time when life was primarily rural and most people ( and documents ) refered to their location by county or by township. Please also realize that much of the information was spoken by one person and written by another. Names and places were written down phonetically - according to the ear of the listener. OGSPI uses a semi-soundex grouping to allow for this so JONSON=JOHNSON=JOHNSTON=JOHNSTONE and FILION=PHILLION.

The Ontario Genealogical Society is organized as 30 Branches with Branch territories corresponding approximately to the Counties of Ontario. OGSPI is deliberately organized to give you these county and Branch links for most families in the index.

Data in OGSPI is arranged as simple text paragraphs with blank lines between. There isn't a rigid records and fields structure and we don't try to squeeeze names and places into rows and columns. SURNAMES are always CAPITALIZED so the computer can pick them out as it scans each line to set up the links and cross references.

Strays in a census family, witnesses at a wedding, bride, mother of groom, mother of bride, godparents at a baptism, etc are all handled by cloning the data paragraph for each SURNAME that the computer finds.

We use the SURNAME and the location and the year to build an indexing header line at the start of each paragraph. All paragraphs within the file are sequenced according to the header line. Locations are alphageographic as @ca.on.northumberland.hamilton, @ca.on.wentworth.hamilton, @us.mi.wayne.detroit so you always know the county. Census families have a multi line header with the first line deliberately coded so families with the same SURNAME appear on your screen ( or printer ) in the same sequence as the original microfilm for easier research. The OGSPI program logic uses @ca.on.county addresses to link each data paragraph to an OGS Branch you can contact for further information.

OGSPI Categories:

OGSPI program logic uses the first letter it finds on a paragraph header line to establish the event type or indexing category. Usually this letter directly preceeds the @ symbol.
a@ca.on.... Author ( Branch library holdings )
b@ca.on.... Birth, baptism, birth announcement
census @ca.on... Census
d@ca.on.... Death
e@ca.on.... Education, election, employment ( includes athletics )
f@ca.on.... Family ( group records, pedigree charts, settler sheets )
h@ca.on.... Heraldry
l@ca.on.... Land
m@ca.on.... Marriage
o@ca.on.... Obituary ( usually referenced to place of publication )
q@ca.on.... Query
s@ca.on.... Subject ( Branch library holdings )
t@ca.on.... Title ( Branch library holdings )
w@ca.on.... War and Military ( includes cenotaphs and memorial plaques )

OGSPI Abbreviations:

aka also known as
b birth
CofE Church of England, Anglican
CofI Church of Ireland ( used primarily in census families )
CofS CofS ( used primarily in census families )
CPres Presb Presbyterian
d death
dtr daughter
Eng England ( used primarily in census families )
F female ( used primarily in census families )
Ire Ireland ( used primarily in census families )
Luth Lutheran
M male ( used primarily in census families )
m married
Meth Methodist
Ont Ontario ( used primarily in census families )
Que Quebec ( used primarily in census families )
r rural ( 1901 census only )
RC Roman Catholic
Scot Scotland ( used primarily in census families )
u urban ( 1901 census only )
WMeth Wesleyan Methodist ( used primarily in census families )

A left to right sequence like: f 1891-7 - dtr Ont Que Ire RC in the 1891 census means female, age 7 in 1891, single, daughter, child born in Ontario, her father born Quebec, her mother born Ireland, religion Roman Catholic.

The general policy of OGSPI is to reduce confusion by minimizing use of local abbreviations. Provinces and States are abreviated but never Counties. Less popular religions like BibleChristian are spelled out in full. You will find, for example, in the World War 2 group that DFC and RCNVR do not index as SURNAMES but auto-expand to Distinguished Flying Cross and Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve.

OGSPI Queries:

OGSPI has a Queries section - organized by SURNAME, location, and year of submission. OGS members will find that queries published in the Name Game section of Families also appear in OGSPI.


The text paragraph organization of OGSPI means that fragile original handwritten sources like an 1830's parish register can be typed word for word ( verbatim is the Latin word ) directly into OGSPI.
Genealogical Societies everywhere are organized on the general principle that members who have already experienced success at tracing their own families willingly volunteer their time and skills to help those who are relatively new to the hobby. The family information you find in OGSPI is all typed by willing volunteers who try ther best to accurately convert handwritten fragments of Ontario History to modern computer files. The Ontario Genealogical Society leads and supports these efforts but cannot legally be held responsible for accuracy of the information.

Adding to OGSPI:

OGSPI is designed for data entry using almost any word processor you may have - no need to learn another program.
Data files for submission to OGSPI should be organized as paragraphs of Dos Text with a hard return at the end of each line and a blank line between each paragraph. Best to limit line width at 74 characters so users aren't delayed by side scrolling the display. Census families should include the original line number at the start of the line. All SURNAMES must be CAPITALIZED. Each paragraph starts with a header line that tells the computer the event category location and year. The paragraph header for an 1840 marriage in Kingson would be:
m@ca.on.frontenac.kingston 1840
Just follow the general format of what you already see in OGSPI for the same type of information that you are indexing. Send the text file as an e-mail attachment to Use PKZIP.EXE or Winzip to compress large files before sending.
Pedigree charts can be indexed in OGSPI by treating each marriage as a separate data paragraph. If the chart is part of a Branch collection the chart number or source reference is a separate line.

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