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"LUL" 2007 Obituary


LULIC 2007-10-21 published
STIMAC looked for good in everyone
By Daniela SIMUNAC, Sun Media, Sun., October 21, 2007
"Trust me."
Those were the words often spoken by Ivan (Ivica) STIMAC when he gave family or Friends a little advice or before he got himself into a little mischief.
They're the words by which those Friends and family will remember the London man who valued trust and could be trusted to offer others his guidance.
The 25-year-old was killed instantly October 9 after his pickup truck hit a cement truck and burst into flames.
STIMAC was driving along Highway 4 in Lucan just before 11 a.m. when his pickup crossed the centre line of the road and collided head-on with the oncoming cement truck.
Neither vehicle seemed to brake, police said, noting no skidmarks were left behind.
Police said they don't know what caused STIMAC's truck to switch lanes.
"It might be one of those things where we may never know what was the reason," said Ontario Provincial Police Const. Christina HUNTER.
And no one knows where STIMAC was heading, said his cousin, Ivan LULIC.
"It's horrible living and not knowing what happened," said LULIC, 21, of Mississauga.
LULIC always looked forward to visiting his cousin in London. Whether it was to celebrate a holiday or just chat over coffee, "there was never a dull moment with Ivica," he said.
STIMAC was always looking for the good in everyone, always searching for another trustworthy pal, his cousin said.
And LULIC trusted him with his secrets and could count on him for advice.
"He was kind of like a bigger brother to me."
After working as a pharmaceutical technician and construction worker in London, STIMAC wanted to continue his education and eventually become a paramedic.
That was just like STIMAC -- always wanting to help others, LULIC said.
He is survived by his parents, Mile and Katica STIMAC, sister Tina PRGESA, brother-in-law Dragan PRGESA and three nieces and nephews.

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