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"VIG" 1851 Census


VIGARS 1851 census on041 page 001 line 50  @ca.on.durham_county.clarke_township film C11718 lds0349230
50 VICKERS Thomas m 49 Eng WMeth yeoman married
    page 3
01 VICKERS {?} Betsey f 49 Eng WMeth married
    Thomas 58 and wife Elizabeth 58 Clarke Township 1861 census on044 page 097 line 17
    Thomas 68 and wife Betsy 68 Clarke Township 1871 census district 050d4 family 046
    VIGARS Elizabeth 78 widow Clarke Township 1881 census district 128c3 family 0106
02 VICKERS Ann f 18 Eng WMeth
03 VICKERS Mary f 17 Eng WMeth
04 VICKERS Betsey f 14 Canada WMeth

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