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OGS Libraries - Collections

The staff who provide access to all collections, help users with finding aids and the operation of microfilm and microfiche readers and advise users about collection resources are employees of the Toronto Public Library. Except for microfiche or microfilm and a very few items shelved in the reading room, all of the Ontario Genealogical Society Library holdings are kept in climate-controlled and fire-protected storage. Items from these stacks and files must be requested at the reading room desk.

Online Catalogue for Provincial Library

All library materials including family histories, cemetery transcriptions, branch publications, periodicals, and family charts can now be searched using our online catalogue.

Follow the on-screen instructions to get more information about items you have found as well as the call number so you can request the book from the library staff.

Our Collections

General Book Collection
Family Histories
Branch Publications
Cemetery Transcriptions
Family Histories – Pedigrees
Huguenot Collection

General Book Collections

The OGS Provincial Library has a collection of over 10 000 genealogical resources. These resources include genealogy guides and methodology books, local histories, family histories, and many sources for genealogy information such as the census, passenger lists, parish records and newspaper notices.

Our focus is on information about Ontario but we also collect materials about Canada, the United States and Europe. We are always working to expand the breadth of our resources.

Family Histories

The library holds over 3,000 donated family histories, which form a part of the catalogued book collection. If a book was written about one of your families, a copy may have been donated to the Library. If you have written your family history, the library would be delighted to accept (link to donations section) a copy for the collection.

Branch Publications

Branches of the Society with publication programs donate copies of their publications to the Society's provincial library.

Cemetery Transcriptions

Copies of all cemetery transcriptions, many of which have been developed by the Society's branches, are held in files organized by county and township. For many transcripts, microfiche or microfilm copies are available in the reading room.


The library regularly receives over two hundred genealogical and heritage periodicals. Many are family newsletters received as donations from the issuing family association. Others are received in exchange for Families or by subscription.

Family Histories - Pedigrees

Deposited pedigrees and other miscellaneous genealogical papers are kept in numbered files. There are over 90, 000 names found on these charts. While the charts may contain more recent information, only the names of those born before 1910 or married before 1926 can be searched in our family charts database. If someone has done work on one of your families, they may have donated a chart of that work.

Huguenot Collection

The Ontario Genealogical Society holds the library of the former Huguenot Society of Canada. Part of that library is a set of vertical files, one folder per family name. In these files is whatever the Huguenot Society gathered on that name. Some files have one sheet in them, some a few pages, some have many pages - with the largest being an inch thick.

The Huguenot books are in our library (see online catalogue) but the vertical files are not. They are in the OGS Provincial Office, at the request of the Huguenot Society. People are welcome to visit us to look in these files but it must be by appointment only since we have very little room for researchers. Contact the Provincial Office if you wish to review these files.

Here is the list of the family names along with a rough estimate of the size of the family name's vertical file.


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