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TONI (The Ontario Name Index)

The Ontario Name Index (TONI) shows where information about a particular name can be found. Note that this is an index- it does NOT contain the information, just tells you where to find the information. Thank you to TONI volunteers

You will not be charged anything unless you click on an e-Store or PPV (Pay per View) button. This will take you to a screen which gives you purchase options, for example to buy the whole book of cemetery transcripts through the e-Store or to buy that particular tombstone inscription through PPV.

To find a specific item or items, enter a search term and select Search.

TONI Database Search - Total available records are 3,296,375

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Enter Last Name and / or First Names and / or Location.

TONI Search Advice

All searches in the TONI (The Ontario Name Index) database are based on looking for names or parts of names. A name is any set of 1 or more consecutive alphabetic characters excluding any punctuation, numbers or special characters. For example John is a name but Mark&Mary is two names (Mark Mary). All searches are case insensitive so that searching for John is the same as john.

There are three columns that can be searched: Last Name, First Names and Location.
You must provide one or more names in one or more of the fields for a search to proceed.

Each search field can have one or more names provided. Each name must be separated by a space. The search will look for the existence of any of the names in the column in the database. So if you entered Last name of Smith Smythe, the search will return all records with either Smith or Smythe in the last name column. The First Names search also provides for a search for ALL names so that searching for Mary Ellen would require that Mary AND Ellen must be found in one record. The search will return records that have requested names in any order, so that records, in this example, with Mary Ellen and Ellen Mary would both be found.

The search returns only records that meet the requested criteria.
All records with any of the last names provides AND, if requested, First Names provided AND, if requested, Locations provided. If no names are provided for First name or  Location, then these columns will not be searched.

Search Options:

  • Initials in First Names are simply entered as required, without a period and separated by a space. So you would search for J D, not J. D. or JD.
  • A wild card character ‘*’ can be placed in front, behind or in the middle of a name to widen the search. For example smith* will find all names starting with smith, *smith will find all names ending with smith and *smith* will find all names starting with smith, ending with smith or containing smith.
  • A wild card '?' can be used to indicate a single character wild card. Searching for sm?th will return all records with any single letter between sm and th.
    Sometimes it is necessary to look for a name that contains a space, such as Le Moine or De Vries. In order for the search routine to understand that there is a space in the name, instead of using it to separate names in the request, replace the space with the underscore character ‘_’. So Le Moine becomes Le_Moine.