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Sarnia Collegiate Celebrates City’s Birthday by Putting History Online


As the oldest school in the city, Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School has been a part of Sarnia’s history for over 100 years. Now, the school is sharing their history by making over 100 years of their yearbooks available online. The oldest known edition goes back to 1902, when Sarnia Collegiate was then on the site of the current day London Road Public School.


Computer Studies teacher Caleb Courtney has been working on digitizing the project for about three years. “It’s important to value our history. Every day I come to work and think, ‘I get to be a part of the rich history of this school.’ SCITS is a great school, and we have great students.”


The project has had the support of several Sarnia businesses and organizations, including Haines Printing, who helped in preparing some books for scanning, and the Ontario Genealogical Society, who scanned many of the yearbooks for us with their archival-quality scanner. The Lambton County Archives, Lambton County Libraries, and Sarnia Centennial Celebration Committee, have also been supporters.


Students have been involved in the project as well, helping out during a ‘yearbook scanning day’ in the school library.


Courtney originally started the project to help celebrate Sarnia Collegiate’s 90th birthday in 2012, but because of the time required to scan the books, realized the project would take longer. “We decided to make this a Sarnia Centennial Project. What a perfect time to make this history available to the community. Instead of having a single, fragile copy of the books locked in a back room, everybody can easily access them.”


School librarian, Denise McCaffrey says she gets between three and five requests a month from the public looking for relatives in old yearbooks. “This project is wonderful. Why wouldn’t we want to make these resources readily available to everybody?”


The demand for the books is high. Without any advertising, the books have already been viewed over 700 times on the school’s website.


This is not the first major project that S.C.I.&T.S. students and staff have undertaken to celebrate the school’s rich history. The school’s website features a World War II memorial that links to previous students’ service records from Veterans Affairs Canada.


The Sarnia Collegiate yearbooks can be accessed by visiting

and clicking on

 “SCITS Vault.”



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Heritage Committee-Hillsdale Cemetery Tour
Sat, September 13, 2014, 12pm –4pm
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Hillsdale Cemetery Petrolia


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