Haldimand County Branch,
Ontario Genealogical Society


The Haldimand County Branch of The Ontario Genealogical Society was formed in 1991 to assist people with a shared interest in genealogy and family history in the County of Haldimand. It is located on the north shore of Lake Erie.

The branch became inactive in January 2014 but, through many years of work by dedicated volunteers, there are still many resources to share with genealogists.

Haldimand County resources are useful to those whose ancestors were residents in the historical townships of Dunnville, Canborough, Moulton, North Cayuga, South Cayuga, Oneida, Sherbrooke, Rainham, Seneca and Walpole.

Please explore the information this website has to offer.

Haldimand County Branch OGS Presentation of Trillium Foundation plaque and certificates to branch members.

In December 2012 the OGS received the Trillium Grant. Since then over 1500 people have come in to use the Services. On June 4, 2013, President OGS Shirley Sturdevant congratulated the entire branch that have worked so hard, not only to get the microfilms for the people, but for all the projects in the past years. Celebrating 22 long years of a proud history - "a little gem in Haldimand". Spreading the word for people to have access to research their family history.

OGS Shirley Sturdevant presented the awards to the volunteers for their services: Jack Bacon 15 years; not present (worked). Shirley thanked everyone that has contributed to the growth and success of the branch.

Catherine Berry Stidsen congratulated the OGS, presenting the Trillium Plaque. May Ken Hewitt thank the committee members, saying, "People truly don't realize how much people volunteer and how much time is given. The most precious thing in life that we can certainly leave behind is what we give. We're truly blessed in Haldimand with the number of people that give so graciously.



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