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Information about Pay Per View

Pay Per View (PPV)
In PPV you can obtain a piece of information such as an obituary or a tombstone inscription or a page from a register by paying a small sum, usually less than a dollar. You may print the item using your PrintScreen function or you may save it (each item is typically a pdf or jpg file). Note the copyright restrictions in the section below. You may freely browse the indexes. You will be charged only if you press a “Buy” button.

You place money into your account using your credit card, then pay for your purchases from that account.  If you have logged into your account, your Account Balance is shown in the upper right of all index screens.  Clicking on “Details” gives you information about your transactions and enables you to put more money into your account.

Who owns this material?
This material or the copyright to it is owned by an Ontario Heritage Organization such as a historical society, archive, museum, or library. OGS Branches and Special Interest Groups are also Ontario Heritage Organizations. Very little of this material is owned by OGS as a provincial society. In the indexes, the owner of each item is given.

Copyright – PPV material
Copyright of PPV material remains with the Ontario Heritage Organization that owns the copyright.  By purchasing this material you also purchase the right to make a copy for your personal use, to use the information for your personal research, and to cite the source in any published work. You do not have permission to reproduce the item in any way nor to post it on the internet. If you wish to reproduce the item in any publication, even one for which you will not charge, you must get written permission from the Ontario Heritage Organization that owns it. OGS cannot provide that permission – we do not own the item!

Where does the money go?
This is a not-for-profit site. Most of the money (typically 60-80%) goes to the Ontario Heritage Organization which owns the data or its copyright. By using this data you are helping these organizations survive! OGS takes 20% to pay for the operating cost of this site. For example all credit card charges come from this 20%. Some of the money may go to other parties who set up the data and are taking payment in the form of a royalty.

How is this site financed?
Startup funding was provided by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Culture, and a grant from the Jackman Foundation. We greatly appreciate this assistance. These grants are for startup funds only. It is OGS policy that this website operates without the need for grants and we have a four-year plan in place to achieve this.

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