President’s Welcome


The Ontario Genealogical Society:
A Half-century of Service to the Genealogical Community

As President of Canada’s largest genealogical society I want to welcome you to drop in on our genealogy family through our website.  The Ontario Genealogical Society is a vibrant, active community of family historians, operating at both the provincial level and at the grass roots local level through our 34 Branches and Special Interest Groups.

What do we do?  We educate – through presentations, webinars, technical support, creation of publications and teaching materials, delivery of workshops and conferences; we advocate – through discussions with governing bodies at all levels of government, speaking out when cemeteries or heritage buildings are threatened, advising lawmakers about the importance of protecting our shared heritage; we preserve – by collecting the stories of Ontario families, by protecting fragile materials from harm, by digitizing documents to make them available to current and future researchers.

But mostly, we offer an opportunity for people pursuing the genealogy hobby to meet their peers, talk about their successes and challenges, learn from each other’s mistakes, and build on the successes of past generations of family historians to make the hobby easier and more rewarding for future generations.  We get together in small groups in locations around the province; we get together once a year in a larger forum called “Conference” where the noise level in the hallways is equal to the enthusiasm of eager genealogists, and we get together using the internet – on Facebook groups, delivering webinars and presentations, and talking to our peers about our discoveries.

Our hundreds of volunteers devote tens of thousands of hours to projects such as The Ontario Name Index (“TONI”), cemetery recording and registration, writing articles for countless newsletters, speaking to organizations about how to begin recording their family history, teaching classes and groups about the finer points of genealogical research and Standards of Evidence, and in many, many more ways!

So I invite you to drop in to our website and discover the fascinating story behind your family, and how The Ontario Genealogical Society can help you discover yourself.  If along the way you want to get in touch with someone, and you can’t find the right link on the website or have a simple question, please feel free to drop me a line at  I love hearing from people who are excited by uncovering their roots.

Steve Fulton, UE, President
The Ontario Genealogical Society

“family is link to our past, bridge to our future”.  Alex Haley