Are Published Genealogical Queries Effective?

In the past month I have had two “printed” queries published. One was published in the Irish SIG newsletter, the other was printed in Families. Both of them received responses. Did I get exactly what I was seeking? No. Did I receive suggestions for further records or collections to search? Yes.

The beauty of these published queries is that since they were published they are available for others to see both now and in the future. I may well receive further responses since they are “archived”. I have also gained access to two knowledgeable researchers who may well pass on more information to me at a later date. I won’t hesitate to send follow up questions since they were so willing to help me out.

One of the responses was related to a connection which could be checked via Gedmatch . For those of you not familiar with Gedmatch, it is a free to access site where you can upload your DNA sample so that you can compare it to the samples of even more researchers. You do need to note what DNA samples can be posted where as Gedmatch has a new site Genesis.

Autosomal DNA
Although it was a maternal connection not the paternal connection I was seeking, the response provided a kit number in Gedmatch which pushed me to action and I dug out my Fitzgerald family tree to check connections. I was also forced to interpret the comparison results and in the process learn more about DNA research. I consider myself a novice when it comes to DNA research, so anything that pushes me towards learning more about it is good.

Mitochondrial DNA
Then I started thinking about my mitochondrial DNA test and realized that I should build a list from my mother, to her mother to her mother’s mother and so on.
Laurel Sims; Alice Carrie Atkey; Martha Rachel Bolton; Mary Brett; Martha Mary Hampton
A look at this progression of names towards the past reminded me that I have a lot of research to do yet!

So published queries not only provide information related to the queries, they also get this genealogist back into the research groove.

Alan Campbell
Past President
The Ontario Genealogical Society
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