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eWeekly Survey November 7th

On October 31st we asked you about preserving your family history through the next generation.  We received 210 responses!  Thank you! 85% of respondents plan to pass on their materials to the next generation, but only 16% have organized the details in their estate planning! In responding “other” to the first question, one respondent’s reply stood out as thoughtful planning!  “I have and am actively contributing items, once photographed and archived, to relevant organizations. My mother’s CGIT uniform (Christian Girls […]

eWeekly Survey October 31st

On October 24th we asked you about family memorabilia, obviously a topic that resonates with our readers because we had 312 responses!  Thank you! On a scale of 1-10 we asked how important family heirlooms/memorabilia are to you, and the ranking was 8.65! An overwhelming majority of 95% plan to pass their heirlooms on to the next generation, and explain the importance/significance of the items.  Unfortunately, 62% of respondents reported having family heirlooms lost or worn as time has passed. […]

eWeekly Survey October 24th

On October 17th we asked you about global genealogy societies and connections to Ontario Ancestors.  We received 148 responses.  Thank you! Surprisingly, 34% of respondents do not belong to other genealogy societies.  Of those that do, many belong to one or more other provincial or state organizations.  BIFHSGO was often represented on the “other” list, as were various family history organizations in the U.K. and Ireland.  A number of you belong to county-level organizations in both Canada and the U.S. […]

eWeekly Survey October 17th

On October 3rd we asked you about top innovations in genealogy-related technologies and we reported on some of the ideas shared by the 192 people who responded.  Unfortunately, we posted an incorrect link for you to see the full results.  Here is the correct link! Last week we tried a Thanksgiving Survey but unfortunately the results have been lost in the ether!  Thank you to those who responded.  We’ll do better next time. This week we’re asking you about global […]

eWeekly Survey October 3rd

Last week we asked you about iconic locations and buildings – the importance you place on visiting them, the types of places that you have missed visiting, and whether you will do that once restrictions are lifted.  We received 198 responses – thank you! Respondents gave an 8/10 to the importance you place on visiting these sites, and only 16% of those were likely not to visit once they could do so – with an additional 19% still unsure. Libraries […]

eWeekly Survey September 19th

Last week we asked you about Generations, and we received 182 responses – thank you! As anticipated, an overwhelming majority of respondents (76%) identified as Baby Boomers, with and additional16% from the previous two generations.  You felt that younger generations would prefer to learn about their stories through online family trees and video files.  And while you felt that generations younger than yours did not appreciate family history as much as your generation, you expressed hope that their appreciation would […]