Clare Cook Muehlbauer, Director at Large

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My name is Clare Cook Muehlbauer.  I live in Thunder Bay, which is about 15 hours’ drive northwest of Toronto, and have been involved in the Thunder Bay District Branch of the OGS for the past four years.  My background is in research and education, and though those words often sound stuffy, there are so many exciting ways they apply to our family history: everything from DNA, to all of the new records that are available online, to how much we can learn about the society and culture of our ancestors.  Within the Society, I am very interested in finding ways for branches to learn from and support each other.  I hope to assist in continuing to find new ways to increase both our access to records, and our ability to use those records effectively to learn more about our families.

Contact Clare:
Telephone: 1-855-697-6687  Ext: 254