Huguenot Collection

First Name Surname Folder Name
wdt_ID First Name Surname Folder Name
1 Abelin hug_abelin
2 James Agnew hug_agnew
3 Pietro Caesare Alberti hug_alberti_pietro_caesare
4 John Alden hug_alden_john
5 Pierre Alix (Allix) hug_alix_(allix)_pierre
6 Alexander Allaire hug_allaire_alexander
7 Anthony Allaire hug_allaire_anthony
8 Isaac Ambrose (Ambros) hug_ambrose_(ambros)_isaac
9 Aney hug_aney
10 Angers hug_angers

The OGS Huguenot Collection was donated to the OGS by the Huguenot Society of Canada. It contains applications from Huguenot descendants made to the Huguenot Society as well as files containing indices of names and brief family histories. The Collection contains 1,050 individual files and a total of 4,489 digitized records.

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