Woman’s Institute Branches


This index of Women’s Institute (WI) Branches in Ontario is provided by the Federated Women´s Institutes of Ontario (FWIO).  It lists the WI branches, their location, what years they were active, whether they produced a Tweedsmuir Community History Collection.

The FWIO is divided into Regions, Areas, Districts, and Branches.  For people not familiar with WI nomenclature or with Ontario geography, the Primary and Secondary Township information will be more useful since they will provide one or two townships covered by the WI branch.

To see which Tweedsmuir Collections are in the e-Library, use the button on the “Online?” column.  The “TH” column indicates whether a Tweedsmuir Community History Collection exists for that Branch, the “Online” column indicates whether it is in the e-Library, and the “Location” column shows where the original is kept.

The Database is currently being reviewed.

To search the listing, simply enter a relevant word in the search box above the right hand column to automatically reduce the list to only those entries matching your search term.

RegionAreaCurrent DistrictHistoric DistrictBranchYear StartActiveYear EndTownship 1Township 2THLocation
RegionAreaCurrent DistrictHistoric DistrictBranchYear StartActiveYear EndTownship 1Township 2THLocation
EasternEasternAreaAreaaareaYesYesNorth Gower Archives
EasternEasternGlengarryGlengarryApple Hill?No
EasternEasternGlengarryGlengarryDunvegan1935Nopost 1995
EasternEasternGlengarryGlengarryGlen Brook?No
EasternEasternGlengarryGlengarryMaxville1909No1986unknown but book has been produced
EasternEasternGlengarryGlengarryMaxville-Rainbow1995Nopost 1995