Testamentary Gifts


Plan today for your future donation to the Ontario Genealogical Society.  With a planned gift, your commitment is made in the present, but the gift is realized in the future. Planned gifts include:

  • Bequests in a Will – By making a bequest in your will to The Ontario Genealogical Society you can show your commitment to securing Ontario’s genealogical heritage.  Speak with your lawyer about including OGS in your will.
  • Life Insurance – When you give a gift of life insurance to the OGS your regular monthly or yearly payment can provide the means to make a meaningful contribution without diminishing the value of your estate.
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  • Annuities and Trusts – These gifts allow donors to make a significant gift to the OGS while retaining the right to the income or use of the property for the duration of their life or the term of the trust. Assets placed in the trust may include: cash, stocks, bonds, securities, real estate and other investments.  Always speak with a professional adviser before undertaking a gift of this nature.
  • Gifts-In-Kind – Tangible property (for example: real estate, artwork, securities) can be donated to The Ontario Genealogical Society, both during your lifetime and by your will. Be sure to discuss the tax consequences of a gift of this kind with your professional adviser.
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