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Eastern Europe

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Many Canadians can trace their ancestors back to Eastern Europe. Research in Eastern European countries has been a daunting task due to language, border changes, unusual surnames, etc., etc.. Although the internet has improved this situation it still can be a difficult process. The following links will provide a good starting point for exploring your European ancestors on the internet.

If you have a web site link that was particularly helpful in your Eastern European research then please send it along to post here so that others can benefit.

Genealogy Societies

Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)
An umbrella organization that promotes family research in eastern and central Europe without any ethnic, religious, or social distinctions. This is a great starting point since it has a resource directory for all Eastern European countries covering a range of research topics including on-line Maps and Gazetteers.

East European Genealogical Society
The East European Genealogical Society is a registered non-profit organization identifying and marshalling genealogical resources for east European research.

The Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe (SGGEE)
SGGEE focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia with some help for related regions.

The Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI).
Promotes Czechoslovak genealogical research and interest among people with ancestry in the Czechoslovak region as it was in 1918, including families of Czech, Bohemian, Moravian, Slovak, German, Hungarian, Jewish, Rusyn, and Silesian origin.

The Slovenian Genealogical Society (SGS)
Recently started a project of data transfer from archival material into the computer medium.

Polish Genealogical Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne)
This site is in the Polish language.
Estonian Genealogical Society
Genealogical record sources in various languages.

Serbian Genealogical Society
The Serbian Genealogy Society was officially started in 2002 by a group Serbs from Serbia and abroad.

Carpatho-Rusyn Society
The Carpatho-Rusyn Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to manifesting Carpatho-Rusyn culture in the United States and supporting Rusyn culture in the Homeland in east central Europe

Emigration and Immigration

German & European Passenger Departure Records and Emigration Records
These are records (or indexes to the records) of people who left Germany for somewhere else (usually North America)

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are always a good place to go with your detailed questions. This is where you will find other people researching in your area of interest.

Mailing List - Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)
This is the rootsweb mailing list associated with the FEEFHS web site.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Mailing Lists
This web site provides a compendium of mailing lists for many countries. Click on the "COUNTRIES OTHER THAN USA" link and then go to the Eastern European country of interest.