eWeekly Survey


eWeekly Survey

Last week we asked you about family heirlooms, furniture etc. which you may have inherited or otherwise acquired. We had 413 responses to our survey. Thank you.

The top survey responses were:

  • 344 have photo albums or similar collections
  • 341 have jewellery, watches, etc.
  • 335 have silverware, serving dishes, china etc. and
  • 329 have family documents, legal papers, etc.

We also received 157 written submission from people who designated “other” and told us about family bibles, needle point samplers and other items handed down. Some of these stories will be highlighted in future issues.

Complete survey results ARE AVAILABLE HERE (if you receive this email in plain text or have images turned off, see the full results at https://ogs.on.ca/eweekly-survey-results/). Thank you again to those who took the time to participate.

This week’s Survey asks about ancestors who were involved in wars and other armed conflicts prior to the twentieth century. The survey will be open until midnight, Wednesday. Click the link below or visit https://ogs.on.ca/eweekly-survey/.

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