eWeekly Survey


First of all, thank you to the 156 respondents who hung in there to reply to last week’s Survey.  Another rookie mistake on the part of your Editor – I forgot to turn OFF the “required” button on the responses to the Yes and No and Other questions.  My sincere apologies to those who tried to respond and were frustrated by this mistake.

Last week our Survey focused on Ontario Ancestors Branches and Special Interest Groups.  Thank you to those who were able to respond.

Most of those who responded (an astonishing 88%) were members of one or more of our Branches or Special Interest Groups.  Many of you belong to two or more (some up to six) Branches/SIGs.  For those who don’t belong to a Branch or SIG, the principal reason is cost.  And your reasons for belonging are also somewhat surprising! You can see the complete results of the survey here.

We’re taking another break this week to overcome our learning challenges, but will be back next week with new questions for you.

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