Genealogy Vendors Need YOUR Support (5)


Genealogy Vendors Need YOUR Support (5)

As the Covid-19 emergency continues, the vendors who support all of us need our help now more than ever. Those who exhibit and sell products to help us pursue our passion depend in large measure up the genealogy events, meetings and conferences, both large and small, typically held throughout North America during the spring, summer and fall seasons. With these events cancelled for the foreseeable future, these small businesses are now completely reliant upon on-line orders.

Please consider your needs and wants for books, software, gadgets, supplies and gifts and SHOP ONLINE TODAY!

Archive CD Books Canada

Archive CD Books Canada

The Archive CD Books Project exists to make digital reproductions of old books and documents available to genealogists and historians, and to cooperate with local libraries, museums and record offices by carefully making high quality digital copies of old books in their collection so the originals can be preserved from the wear and tear of daily use, and to provide the advantages of computer searching.

Visit their website and see their vast array of books today. They are sure to have something you need. 

Linda Corupe UE
History & Genealogy Publications & Research Services

The author of over 50 books, Linda Corupe, UE, has been researching genealogy and family histories for more than 40 years. Her publications are invaluable resources for anyone researching the early years of Upper Canada. Among the most notable of her works are the annotated transcriptions of the Assize Court records, called “Upper Canadian Justice”, now completed from 1793 to 1829 for all areas of the province at that time, and the records of the First Heir and Devisee Commissions, detailing land claims filed from 1797 to 1804, again for all of early Upper Canada.

Visit and see what Linda can do for you!

Sher Leetooze

Author, Storyteller, Historiographer, Family Researcher

Sher Leetooze, with her collection of books on genealogy, history, Bible Christians, and even gardening, has something for everyone. 

Visit today and see what Sher has that will be of interest to you.




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