Genealogy Vendors Need YOUR Support



Genealogy Vendors Need YOUR Support

You will have read that the Ontario Ancestors Annual Conference & Family History Show scheduled for June has now been cancelled, and so have dozens and dozens of events, large and small, throughout North America.

These events are the lifeblood of many smaller genealogical businesses, all of whom bring variety, interest, and their unique and useful collections of products to our events. These vendors have been there to support Ontario Ancestors in the past. Today they need our support more than ever, and we ALL need them to survive and to be healthy, so that they will be there the next time you visit a genealogy event.

During the next few weeks we will feature many of our friends and supporters and we invite you, we encourage you, indeed we implore you, please visit their sites and buy from them – let’s make this a virtual genealogy marketplace!

In these difficult times, many genealogy organizations are stepping up with webinars, free access and discounts to help genealogists carry on and fill the hours while self-isolating. 


With hundreds of unique products, including the famous Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner, tech toys, books, ebooks & guides, journaling & scrapbooking supplies and much, much more, is a must visit site for your genealogy gifts, or just to treat yourself.

Use promo code #StandwithSmall to receive $10 off orders over $100! 





Sandra & Rick Roberts
will be a familiar sight for everyone who has ever been to Conference or to literally hundreds of other events and shows across Ontario, Global Genealogy and . Since Rick & Sandra can’t come to you or any events near you, please visit them at their home,!

Thousands of books, ebooks, charts, archival products, maps and more are awaiting your visit. Sandra & Rick continue to ship products and provide digital downloads daily while they and their inventory safely self-isolate at home in Ottawa.




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