Heidi Deschenes, Vice President

Heidi has served The Society as a Director-at-Large since 2015, and was elected Vice-President of the Society in June 2018. Heidi holds an MBA degree and was employed in the banking industry primarily in the area of strategic management of critical enterprise risk systems and methodologies. She has an enterprise mind-set, strong change management skills, and excellent collaboration skills with partners and stakeholders. Heidi sees three areas of importance for the Society in the future: membership growth and retention, vibrant communication which leverages technology to encourage member engagement and a sense of belonging, and engaging individuals to not only become members, but also to contribute volunteer hours so the organization continues to thrive. Heidi lives in Toronto.

Contact Heidi: Email: vp@ogs.on.ca Telephone: 1-855-697-6687  Ext: 256