How to Log In

If you want to log in, look for the Login / Register at the top right of your browser. If you are using a small device like a phone, select the menu and scroll down for Login / Register. Use the email address and password you have always used for the OGS site.

If you can’t remember your password, there is a link on the login page titled “Lost your password?”. Click on it, fill in your email address, and you will receive an email which will give you instructions how to reset your password.

We have a few reported cases of the email not showing up. The email has sometimes been placed in the spam or junk mail folder. If you don’t get it in 3-5 minutes, search for an email with the subject of Password reset for The Ontario Genealogical Society. The email is from

This email will refer to your  “Username”. This is an internally created value that you may not recognized. Many usernames look like first name, last name, and a number all in a single word. That is OK.

Note: Because of current security precautions, the OGS office can no longer tell you what your password is, as it is no longer available to anyone. If you forget your password, you must set a new one using the online interface.

If you’ve not been an OGS member since 2014, or have never been a member, please use the Register form. You do NOT have to become a member to register on this site, but only members have access to the Members’ Corner on the site. Being registered makes it easier to purchase items from our store, subscribe to membership and be included in our weekly electronic newsletters.

You only have to log in once and you are automatically recognized in OGS branch websites. If you are a branch member you will also have access to branch members’ only content.
Note: This feature is only available for branch sites integrated with the OGS main site.