TONI Adds Index to Canadian County Atlas Digital Project


TONI Partners with the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

The latest upload to TONI added the 140,000 names from the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project of McGill University. This project indexed the names in the county atlases of the late 1800s for the Province of Ontario, and digitized the township maps that included the names of the property owners of the time. Each link in TONI will take you directly to the county atlas information for the particular individual.

For example, in a search for John Robb, we are presented with a number of results, one described as “land and property, 1878, in Durham County. Hovering the mouse over the “Details” record shows us this in in the McGill County Atlas. Clicking on details takes us directly to that record (below) The record gives us the exact property description and gives us a further link to the property highlighted on the township map!

Ontario Ancestors is grateful to the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project, Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University for allowing us to share their index of the Digital Atlas Project with you.


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