IOOF Insurance Applications


IOOF Insurance Applications

Between 1875 and 1929, the Independent Order of Oddfellows operated a life insurance program. Approximately 60,000 individuals, almost exclusively men, from all across Canada applied. The program was eventually operated by Empire Life, who gave these application forms to the Ontario Genealogical Society. Volunteers spent nearly four years indexing these forms. To date we have indexed the following:
• applicant’s last and first names,
• date of birth,
• community in which the applicant resided at the time of application,
• province,
• policy number,
• policy date

About the Applications

The information on the applications varies depending on the individual applying and the year of the application. Each policy consists of a four page 8.5 x 11” document. Information you may expect to find on the application includes the following:
• Health information
• Marital status
• Occupation
• Beneficiary (generally wife, parent, sibling)
• Number of siblings and their health information
• Parents
• Grandparents (often including age at death but not names)
• Applicant’s signature

Some applications have extra materials or comments in addition to those generally required.

We have scanned approximately 50% of these applications to date. Non-members can access the index here, while members may access the database from Members Corner. We will shortly have the scanned files available for purchase by non-members. Details will be provided when available. If a scan exists, Members may download the image at no cost.

The IOOF Insurance Application may be another key piece of your research. To learn how these applications might help your genealogy research, check out last week’s blog post by Ontario Ancestors Ambassador Alan Campbell.

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