Joe Wilson, Director at Large


Joe Wilson is employed as a project leader, and is an active volunteer with the Niagara Peninsula Branch Council, where he has served for seven years. He is also Chair of the Cemetery Committee and an active member of the Technical Support and Innovation Committee, where he oversees the OGS Cloud Storage System. He is the Chair of a local Cemetery Board, actively engaged in cemetery identification and preservation. He has the ability to solve logistical problems on the fly, is able to put complex plans into action, and is able to take direction and act or re-act accordingly. He is logically minded and goal-oriented. In submitting three goals toward which the Society should be striving, Joe’s suggestions include:

Preservation: identifying previously unknown collections of materials, where they may be located and digitizing these resources to make them available for future generations of family history enthusiasts

Advocacy: due to my passion for Cemeteries and the importance of them to the history of not only our province but the country as a whole, I would like to see a stronger relevance of the Society in matters pertaining to research, delinquency and encroachment of urban sprawl.

Grow the Society through technology: while in recent years there have been great strides in the technological change of the Society, I also feel that more interest can be brought to who we are and what we do by improving on the way that we deliver our material in this digital age. Joe would like to assist and facilitate the needs of the Board of Directors in order to enhance the vision and direction requested by the membership.

Contact Joe:
Telephone: 1-855-697-6687  Ext: 253