Julia Scott, Director-at-Large

Julia Scott is a Registered Nurse with a degree in Business Administration. Her career includes senior leadership roles within healthcare as well as management consulting. She has served as a Board member for several hospitals and nursing
organizations in Ontario and she is excited to be a Director-at-Large for the Society as it aligns her personal interests with her professional experience and skills. Julia is a passionate family historian, becoming interested in genealogy about five years ago.

Julia belongs to the Kingston, Ottawa and Bruce & Grey Branches as well as the Irish and Scottish Special Interest Groups. She is quite interested in DNA and genetic genealogy and how it can assist us in breaking down brick walls and in expanding our family trees. Julia is looking forward to contributing to the Society to ensure we continue to develop programs and partnerships that meet the needs of our members, and in advocacy efforts to preserve the records and monuments of our ancestors.

Contact Julia: Email:  Julia.Scott@ogs.on.ca Telephone: 1-855-697-6687  Ext: 254