Meetings Held in 2005

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November 19, 2005-- Branch AGM and silent auction of approximately 20 boxes of genealogical materials relating to various parts of the UK, the US, and other parts of Canada. Proceeds of the auction went to the branch library fund.

October 15, 2005-- "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Several members spoke about the results of their genealogical research conducted over the summer.

September 17, 2005-- "Genealogical Research in the Archives of Ontario: In Toronto and From Your Home". Rick Stapleton, Senior Reference Archivist at the Archives of Ontario, spoke to us about how to conduct research at Ontario's Archives.

May 14, 2005-- "Mining the Internet for Genealogical Treasures". Nancy Cutway spoke to us about the growing field of genealogical research on the Internet.

April 16, 2005-- OGS Region 8 Seminar and Annual General Meeting. Among the activities of the day, there were presentations by three special guest speakers:

Benjamin J. Cobb, Records Management Coordinator of Jefferson County, Watertown, New York: "Records from New York State"

Dennis Carter-Edwards, Parks Canada, Cornwall: "Researching Your British Military Ancestors"

Linda J. Corupe, Genealogist and publisher of historical transcriptions: "The Court System of Upper Canada"

March 19, 2005-- "An Irish Fling: Delightful Discoveries". Terry Findley of Ottawa spoke to us about his research into his Irish ancestry. Mr. Findley won an award from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa in 2004 for this same presentation. This was also our Branch Anniversary meeting, and a prize draw was held for those in attendance.

February 19, 2005-- "Probate and Surrogate Court Records at Queen's Archives". Queen's Archivist Heather Home spoke to us about researching family history through wills and court records.

January 15, 2005 -- "The Rock and the Sword: A History of a Church and Its Community". Professor Brian Osborne spoke to us about the history of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church in Kingston.

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