LAC & Ottawa Library To Join in New Facility


Library and Archives Canada and City of Ottawa Celebrate Funding for a New Joint Facility
Patti Mordasewicz, Editor, eWeekly Update

This week’s federal budget included funding to the tune of $73 million for construction of a new facility which will house both Library and Archives Canada and the Central Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.  The new building will be on the edge of the city’s downtown at 557 Wellington Street, west of Albert Street and Bronson Avenue, close to the existing LAC.

According to the budget document “this new building will be an iconic community hub, a single door to the national library and archives, and a world-class public library in Canada’s capital city, which will increase citizen participation in the community and improve access to Canada’s history, culture and collective knowledge.”

The preliminary building plan calls for over 200,000 square feet in a four-storey building, divided between OPL (61%) and Library and Archives Canada (39%), respectively. Shared amenities would include the entrance plaza, meeting rooms, outdoor programming space, an exhibition gallery and a genealogy centre.

Both the city’s aging Central Branch and LAC’s fifty-year-old facility have endured challenges and shut-downs in the past, and replacing them with this new state-of-the-art facility will be welcomed by users of both current facilities.  The scheduled opening is planned for 2023.


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