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The Netherlands

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Central Bureau for Genealogy - “The 'Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie' (Central Bureau for Genealogy - CBG) is the Dutch information and documentation centre for genealogy, family history and related sciences. The CBG is the ideal starting point for most research into Dutch ancestors or Dutch migrants who settled in other countries in the world.

National Archives - “This is the place to come if one of your forefathers served with the Dutch East India Company or the Dutch armed forces, or if members of your family ever lived in the province of Zuid-Holland.”

Archive Net - This site provides links to provincial, regional and town archives.

Genlias - “The information in Genlias is taken directly from the Civil Register, the most important Dutch source for genealogical research. “

Digital Resources - Digital resources for the Netherlands and Belgium.

DrenLias - Database. Appears to be in Dutch only.

Tresoar - Database. Appears to be in Dutch only.

Digitale Stamboom - Database

Online Begraafplaatsen - Cemeteries Online

Begraafplaatsen Online - Cemeteries Online

Amsterdam Population Register (1852) - “This database contains 606,094 persons, comprising the total population of the city of Amsterdam in the years 1852-53 and was built-up by a group of volunteers under the inspiring leadership of the late Dave Verdooner.”

Telephone Book (1915)

Telephone Book (1950)

Dutch Family Name Database - The Dutch Family Bank provides information about the surnames in the Netherlands.

History of the Netherlands

History of Holland

Deltawerken Online - Floods - Description of the flood disaster of 1953.

Labour Colonies - Crime and punishment in the Netherlands from 1600 until the present.

The Windmill Herald Newspaper - Dutch North American newspaper.

Dutch Genealogical Association

National Library of the Netherlands

The Indian Family Archives - Information on Dutch families who spent time in Indonesia.

City Archives of Amsterdam - There are several databses here regarding family cards, forced labourers and passports.

Netherlands and Belgium

Yvette’s Dutch Genealogy Home Page - helps people of Dutch descent research their Dutch ancestors.