Not Quite Riding Off Into the Sunset


Not Quite Riding Off Into the Sunset

Hold on, riding off into the sunset? Yes, this represents my last blog post for Ontario Ancestors. After much reflection, I have decided to end my role as blogger for The Society.

Why? you say. In my blog post, Handing on Family History Stories and Artifacts to the Next Generation, posted August 25, 2017, I wrote, “About a year ago my wife stopped at the door of my office and said something that pushed me into action. Her question was ‘Once you are gone what am I supposed to do with all of these books, papers and computer files?’ I had no quick answer for her but knew that if I did not do something, she might just shut the door to the office after my death and let someone with no interest in family history do the cleaning up. To circumvent that happening, I needed to rapidly develop a plan of action for the sharing of my material.”

As a result of that plan, I have since shared complete research files, draft copies of family histories, photos and possible research directions with a number of my cousins and some other researchers. My primary mode of sharing material has been through Dropbox files although I have also posted pictures and stories on my Facebook page. What I didn’t see at that time was the scope of the task in front of me in terms of how much time was involved in scanning and organizing material. I have not made much of a dint in the binders that sit on my shelves, and I have barely thinned the files that reside in two and a half file drawers and three portable file boxes. Compound that situation with my compilation of family books and stories for my granddaughter which I now have at the point where every new challenge in finding information is the proverbial brick wall.

I love recording family stories to the point where I have three active family histories, my autobiography and an ancestors’ story collection for my granddaughter on the go. “Family first” has become my motto now, especially when I remember that I have entered my eighth decade.

Do not think that I am disappearing into my office never to be heard from again. I will continue to submit the odd essay to Families, write articles for Lambton Lifeline [ I will celebrate 17 years as editor with the upcoming June issue], and post information to both the Lambton County Branch Facebook Group and the Ontario Ancestors Facebook Group.

My thanks go to Steve Fulton and David Thompson who helped when I mangled the process of getting the blog posted properly. President Steve has told me that the previous blogs will remain archived on the website. The information in some of them is now obsolete due to digitized material being posted on-line but most remain relevant. I would also like to thank Tammy Tipler-Priolo, Suzy Tanzer, Roger Robineau and Becky Zoglmann for providing guest posts on topics with which I had little familiarity. My last thanks goes to all of my fellow researchers who subscribed to my posts or clicked through on the link in Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform to read my posts. I loved to hear from readers, especially cousins and those researchers who had found a valuable “nugget” in one of my posts that led them to more information about their ancestors.

Stay safe.

Alan Campbell
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  1. Oh no!! But I understand! Will be looking forward to more stories and to seeing your smiling face when it is possible. Best wishes!

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