Founded in 1869, the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society is New York’s largest – and oldest – genealogical organization. A membership organization, the NYG&B engages with thousands of individuals each year through its activities. The NYG&B community includes those with an interest in tracing their own New York story – and in the preservation of those stories for future generations.

As a membership organization, the NYG&B welcomes anyone with an interest in researching their personal family history or the family histories of others. Our membership includes thousands of genealogists, historians, and others from across the country. Learn more about membership in the NYG&B and how we can help you.

With an eLibrary to browse for resources, offline collections, monthly webinars, and much more, the NYG&B is the source for New York research.

OGS members qualify for a 25% discount on NYG&B membership.