Past Presidents’ Honour Roll

Ontario Ancestors is proud to recognize the Presidents of the Society since its beginnings. These individuals, through their dedication, hard work and leadership are responsible for the successful organization that Ontario Ancestors is today.

Dr. G. Elmore Reaman
Dr. G. Elmore Reaman 1961-1967
The Reverend A. Phillips Silcox OBE
The Reverend A. Phillips Silcox OBE 1967-1971
Dr. W. Harold Minshall 1971-1973
John R. Rutledge 1973-1975
Eldon D. Weber
Eldon D. Weber 1975-1977
Lt. Col. Kenneth F. Collins
Lt. Col. Kenneth F. Collins 1977-1979
Alan E. Hayne 1979-1981
John Burtniak 1981-1983
Marjorie Jean Simmons 1983-1985
L. Marie Charbonneau
L. Marie Charbonneau 1985-1987
William R. Reynolds 1987-1988
Judith Jamieson-Mitton 1988-1990
Alison May Lobb
Alison May Lobb 1990-1992
Louise I. Hope 1992-1994
Dr. Roderick Wm. McLeod
Dr. Roderick Wm. McLeod 1994-1996
G. Ann Ward 1996-1998
Marjorea K. Roblin 1998-2000
Kenneth Bird 2000-2002
David A. Mackenzie 2002-2004
Ron Walsh 2004-2006
Robert Crawford 2006-2008
Donald Hinchley
Donald Hinchley 2008-2010
Nancy Trimble 2010-2012
Shirley Sturdevant
Shirley Sturdevant 2012-2014
Alan Campbell 2014-2016
Patti Mordasewicz 2016-2018
Steve Fulton, UE
Steve Fulton, UE - 2018-2020
Heather McTavish Taylor - 2020-2022