Planning for Genealogical Research and Recording in 2018

Wow! I am impressed with myself. During the hiatus between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, I took time to assess how well I did at accomplishing my genealogical goals and plans for 2017. Now being impressed with myself applied to accomplishing the reflection on my progress not on how well I did in terms of accomplishing my goals! I am prone to going off on tangents in my research so sometimes do not accomplish the goals I set for myself. I don’t let this frustrate me as goals should not be carved in stone. Sometimes the release of a new record set becomes a more important item to access in terms of breaking down one of my brickwalls.

OGS Conference 2018
One of my goals for 2018 is already an established fact. I have registered for the 2018 OGS Conference in Guelph and am looking forward to giving two presentations.

Compiling a Family History
Canada’s 150 year did not see me finish my Campbell family history. I have reset the completion date to December 31, 2018. I did add a lot of story material to the basic facts this year but I am going to have to cut it off so I can share it with interested family members, archival repositories and libraries. I have to tell myself that it does not have to be complete or perfect. I can always update it later.

DNA Testing
My non-genealogically inclined wife surprised me at Christmas by giving me cash to help pay for another DNA test. I have already purchased my MtDNA results. That means that I will have covered YDNA, autosomal DNA and MtDNA all on the FamilytreeDNA site. If Ancestry offers another DNA test deal at the OGS Conference I will probably purchase one and then place my family tree on the site.

My pedigree on my Campbell side comes to an abrupt stop with my great grandfather so I am looking forward to breaking through that brickwall.

I will continue to hone my writing skills via my blog posts for OGS. Don’t forget that I accept guest posts if you are willing to write a post that helps our members and other researchers understand some part of the research process or the use of a specific record set.

Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 will be a great year for finding information about your family lines.

Alan Campbell
Past President
The Ontario Genealogical Society
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