Resetting Genealogy Research, Recording and Sharing Goals for 2019


I decided this year that I would be more precise in the language and scope that I used in developing my research goals. Having goals that are more precise make them more achievable.

Genealogical Education
OGS Webinars
I don’t listen to many OGS webinars on the day that they are broadcast because I have a conflict with Council meetings for my local Branch. I have noted in my plan that I need to access webinars of interest to me from The OGS website in 2019.

Legacy Webinars
After watching some of Legacy’s free webinars in 2018 I succumbed to the half price deal to have access to all Legacy webinars. In my goals I noted that I should view at least two webinars a month to make the subscription worthwhile. [Note: I do not receive any renumeration for mentioning Legacy.]

OGS Conference 2019
Hopefully by the time that you read this I will be booked for OGS Conference 2019 in London. I did not apply to give presentations at this conference in order to spend more time on my personal genealogical research. Not saying I would have been selected to speak, just saying I did not want to invest the time in preparing a submission and the presentations if I was successful in my “bid”. Sometimes you have to eliminate items from your  goals list in order to complete others.

Compiling a Family History
I had reset the completion date to December 31, 2018 for the revision of my Campbell family history but did not succeed with this goal. I am a lot closer to completion because I set the “drop dead” date which forced me to schedule time to work on the task. I have reset the date to June of 2019, to allow for some vacation time that I have scheduled.

DNA Testing
As of December I have DNA test results with the following companies: [public tree started] 23 and Me [original autosomal test] FamilyTreeDNA [Y test, mtDNA test, uploaded 23andMe autosomal test results] Living DNA
My Heritage DNA [uploaded my DNA test result for free.] My 23andMe tests results are uploaded to Gedmatch.

Note that I followed through on my plan to buy an AncestryDNA test if it was on sale at the 2018 OGS Conference. As I wrote in my post from last year, my pedigree on my Campbell side comes to an abrupt stop with my great grandfather so I am still looking forward to breaking through that brickwall. I upgraded my YDNA to 111 from 37 as part of this quest. [Note that I do not receive any renumeration from any DNA testing companies for mentioning them.]

I am continuing to hone my writing skills via my blog posts for OGS. Don’t forget that I accept guest posts if you are willing to write a post that helps our members and other researchers understand some part of the research process or the use of a specific record set. This is especially valuable if your skills lie in an area of unfamiliarity for me.

Happy New Year! I hope that 2019 will be a great year for finding information about your family lines.

Alan Campbell
The Ontario Genealogical Society
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