General Book Collections
The Society’s library has over 5,000 genealogical resources including genealogy information, local histories and many sources that focus on Ontario. The collection does include sources from other provinces, the United States and Great Britain.
Family Histories and Pedigrees
The library holds over 3,000 donated family histories which form a part of the catalogued book collection. If a book was written about your family it might have been donated to the collection.

Donated pedigree charts are kept in numbered files.

The Society would be pleased to accept donations of family histories or pedigrees.
Cemetery Transcriptions
Copies of all cemetery transcriptions, many of which have been developed by Society branches, are held in files organized by township and county.

Huguenot Collection
The OGS holds the library of the former Huguenot Society of Canada. Part of that library is a set of vertical files, one folder per names. In these files is whatever the Huguenot society gathered on that name. At the request of the Huguenot society, the vertical files are kept in the Society office. Contact the Society office if you wish to view these files. Any books on the Huguenots can be found in the online catalogue.