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Situated on a hill near the northeast corner of Hespeler Road and Avenue Road in Cambridge,nnthis Cemetery was originally cared for by St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Galt. When the parishnncould no longer handle the work, it was taken in charge by the Diocese of Hamilton. An effortnnhas been made to keep it tidy but repeated vandalism has made that difficult. Many of thennoverturned stones were too heavy for the genealogical society to lift un order to read the buriednnface.nnnnThe oldest tombstone in the Cemetery is approximately 1866 and the Cemetery is still in use.nnThe stones were numbered in rows reading north to south starting at the gate off Blain Avenue.nnThe 2016, in addition to the new burials, other stones that were not recorded in 1988 includingnnsome that been repaired or reset after being vandalised were added to the transcription.