Jews Resident in Ontario According to the 1851 to 1901 Censuses of Canada


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Glen Eker

“Glen Eker’s groundbreaking work will interest demographers, historians, sociologists and yes, genealogists. Anyone concerned with Jewish population or individuals living in 19th century Ontario will find this book a rich resource….a clear readable text filled with intrinsically fascinating details. Strongly recommended for libraries serving those interested in Canadian Jewish studies or genealogy.”

– Bernard Katz, Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

This book provides genealogical information on Jews by religion, ethnic origin and descent and on non-Jewish family members. Surnames and given names are reproduced exactly as they appear in the census and may vary from one census to another. Spelling of places and professions also frequently varies from today’s standardized spelling.

As well as the usual places of origin, such as Russia and Poland, these people came from everywhere from South Africa to Jamaica. They engaged in occupations as diverse as rag picker or doctor of medeson [sic], farmer or piano maker. They were cap and mantel makers, segar [sic] makers, druggists, jewellers, commercial travellers and rabbis.

Part I, Jews Resident in Greater Ontario (Except Toronto), lists the thousands of individuals of Jewish origin living in Ontario’s small villages, towns, cities and rural areas between 1851 and 1901. Part II, Jews Resident in Toronto, presents the approximately 5,500 individuals of Jewish origin living in Toronto between 1861 and 1901. Unfortunately, the 1851 census schedules for Toronto are mostly missing. The maps of Toronto, created by Prof. J. Lemon for the City of Toronto Archives, document the city’s changing boundaries.

The nominal index gathers similar spellings to aid the researcher, and the place-name index helps determine location. Introductions to each census provide microfilm search information. This book provides the researcher with all the genealogical and social information necessary to research a particular individual or to research the social characteristics of the development of the Jewish community in Ontario.

2002 240 p nominal and location indexes

ISBN: 0-7779-2128-6

Jews Resident in Ontario According to the 1851 to 1901 Censuses of Canada

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